10 Guys You Must Meet At Every Nigerian Wedding (Photos)


1. The “I Just Got Back” (IJGB).


His accent brings all the girls to the yard!

2. The uninvited guest.

Joro Olumofin

Nobody knows who exactly invited him but he’s sha there and there’s nothing anybody can do about it!

3. The professional groomsman.


Always the groomsman, never the groom. At this point being a groomsman could be his job!

4. The one that keeps forgetting he is married.


Flirting with everyone, collecting numbers and making sure all the fine girls are ok… meanwhile his wife is waiting for him to bring her drink oh!

5. The eligible bachelor.


Funny AND smart AND employed AND handsome. A rare specie.

The groom’s baby cousin.

Korede Bello

This one thinks he is old enough to chat to all the babes at the wedding. Meanwhile he’s like 15 oh!

7. The “once upon a time” eligible bachelor.


A couple hundred weddings ago he was the eligible bachelor but now… not so much.

8. The local champion.


The life of the party!

9. The “artsy” guy.


Wore a tie-dye agbada to the wedding with hand-made sandals. In his spare time he meditates at Freedom Park.

10. The rowdy noisemaker.


Him and his crew of scallywags have cornered half of the alchohol at the wedding and just sit in one area making noise and pointing at all the pretty girls.