Dating is can be so hectic, worse than that boss who keeps giving you hell but you sort of need the job and she can be sweet sometimes so you stay. 

But the hardest thing in dating especially in the modern world is to differentiate the good people from the bad, to find an actual healthy relationship and frankly, to not end up embarrassing yourself by falling for some girl or guy who’s just not that into you.

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To help you navigate the dating world, here are some guidelines to live by:

 1. Thou shalt not initiate communication with a person you aren’t absolutely sure is into you.

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2. Thou shalt not ask a guy/gal (who is not your boyfriend/girlfriend) where things are going.

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3. Thou shalt not crush on, date, sleep with, pine for, or cry over an asshole

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4. Thou shalt not be seduced by a guy or girl who you know is definitely lying 

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5. Thou shalt not waste endless hours (or your friends time) trying to determine whether some guy/girl is into you.



6. Thou shalt never ever be needy and whiny

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7. Thou shalt not be the crazy girl or guy.



8. Thou shalt listen to your instincts about a person as much as possible 

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9. Thou shalt behave like a chooser, not a beggar.



10. Thou shalt not berate yourself for being single or obsess about the ticking of your clock.

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