10 Common Nigerian Food Combinations You Need To Try Before You Die

Nigerian Food

One of the best things about Nigeria is our food.

I simply cannot get enough of Nigerian food, and it’s one of the things that make my days very colourful. There are some meals that just go hand in hand, and the resulting combination is usually amazing.

Here are some everyday food combinations enjoyed by Nigerians.


1. Bread and Ewa Agoyin

Ewa Agoyin and BreadImage: PulseNG


2. Bread and Akara

Image: ChapterOneImage: ChapterOne


3. Akara and pap

Akara bean cake and PapImage: DobbysSSignature


4. Indomie and egg

Indomie and fried egg

Image: thebigfatnoodle.com



5. Rice and stew.

Photo: VenturesAfrica


6. Rice and beans

Rice and BeansImage: NigerianFoodTV


7. Plantain and egg

fried Plantain and eggImages by: Instagram/foodace


8. Beans and plantain

Beans and PlantainPhoto: GhanaPosts


9. Yam and egg

Boiled Yam and Egg sauceImage: OyaComeChop



10. Garri and groundnut


These meals are lifesavers, any day, anytime.

Which do you like most

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