10 Best Feelings In The World Only Females Can Understand (Photos)

Best Feelings

Unlike men, girls have a lot of restrictions in life generally and are always on the look out to be of good behaviour or else the whole society comes crashing down on them. 

There are a lot of things they do and it finally feels so great, that men would never understand and here are a few of them.

1. Getting Out Of Their Bra

Wearing a bra is a real headache for most girls but unfortunately, it has become part of fashion. There’s nothing stressful than having your bra strap fall off your shoulder or shift to the wrong side and you have to get it in place when you’re in public. Worse off is when it is too tight and the sun is hot. There is no feeling greater than finally getting home and taking off your bra and letting them “tatas” free.

Best Feelings

Image- parlourmagazine

2. Finally Getting Those High Heels Off Your Feet

Thanks to fashion, most women love to wear stilettos and it’s one hell of a job to walk in them. Sometimes you feel so uncomfortable but you have to wear them as part of fashion to complete your look and when you finally get home and take them off, it feels like heaven.

Image: Pinterest.comImage: Pinterest.com

3. Getting A Free Ride From That Stranger

Here you’re in a Trotro, a taxi or any commercial vehicle and the money in your purse can only get you as far as the next bus stop but not enough to get you home. You try your luck and finally get home without spending a pesewa because a guy paid for your transportation because he admires you. This can make you smile all the way home.


4. When You Get Your Period After Thinking You Were Pregnant

There is no feeling greater than when you miss your period and you’re scared as hell because you think you’re pregnant and finally your period drops.


5. When Your Make-Up Comes Out Great At Your First Attempt

When you’re trying that make-up tutorial on youtube for the first time and it comes out perfect, no feeling can beat that.

Image: TotalBeauty

Image: TotalBeauty

6. When You Finally Get Over Your Ex

Sometimes it’s really hard trying to get over an ex. All the nice times together, sweet memories, goodies and of course, the sex but when you finally realise you don’t give a hoot about him, nothing feels good than that.

Black women friendsImage: HuffingtonPost

7. When Your Crush Finally Kisses Your Forehead

So you’ve been eyeing this guy for months and one day he strikes a conversation and goes a step further to kiss you on the forehead, you might end rubbing that part for days because it feels great.

Image: Communityjournal

Image: Communityjournal

8. When You Can Finally Eat Your Kanzo At Peace

Society puts a lot of restrictions on women and so when at parties or events, you’re forced to do what many others are expected to do. You probably love “Kanzo” but you can definitely not order for that because of what people might think of you. However, when you finally get home and grab hold of that pan and a ladle and start scrapping the last bit of the “kanzo” and munch on it, no feeling can beat that and you know it.

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9. When You Finally Get A Place To Pee

Unlike men who can stand practically anywhere and pee, women can’t do that and so when their bladder gets full and they are in town, they have to hold it in until they get a good place to pee. When they finally get that perfect place and finally get to pass that urine, no feeling comes close to that.

Image: EverydayFeminism.comImage: EverydayFeminism.com

10. When You Finally Get Hold Of That Crumb That Fell Down Your Cleavage
There is nothing embarrassing and stressful than getting bread or cake crumb falling down your cleavage at a party and when you’re able to grab it in time before it falls down further where you can’t reach it, it feels so great because it makes you feel like you just saved the day.

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Women will always be women no matter what.