Yinka Saunders Escapes Jail After Defrauding Her Employer Of £17,000 To Pay For Luxury Wedding And Honeymoon In Seychelles – Read More


 Yinka Saunders arrived in the UK from Nigeria to study a law degree before starting to work with PwC.

While working at PwC as a tax consultant, she stole £35,000 and served a jail sentence in 2007 when she was caught. She got another job after her jail sentences as a personal assistant at Insight Investments in June 2014 and was being paid £40,000-a-year.

On her second day on the new job, she started embezzling again, this time a total of £17,000 was stolen using her colleagues’ credit cards – most of this she spent on her wedding and a luxury honeymoon to Seychelles.

She was arrested at Heathrow airport on her way back from the honeymoon. She admitted to seven counts of fraud totalling £16,990, and was sentenced to 15 months’ imprisonment suspended for two years, with 200 hours of unpaid work.

But the Judge decided not to jail her because she had repaid the money and was retraining as a teacher.

He said;

‘You have a singularly unimpressive record and you have already served a prison sentence some time ago.

‘You did not disclose your previous dishonesty to your employers, who were prepared to take you on as an administrative assistant on a good salary.

‘The fact is within days you were prepared to take advantage. You effectively defrauded others to the tune of £17,000, all of which has been paid back. That money was used to finance your wedding and the subsequent honeymoon.

‘You have now started working in a completely different environment. I hope they will never place you in a position of trust with anything to do with money.

‘These were serious offences but it appears you are turning your life around. If you continue to commit offences of dishonest of this nature you will eventually receive a very long sentence of imprisonment indeed.’

Source: womanNg