Xenophobia : South African Writes A Touching Story About His Friend From Congo (A must Read)



This South African man, Sbonelo Mbatha (left) took to his Facebook page to tell a heartwarming story about his friend from Democratic Republic of Congo who lives in South Africa. His post has over 38,000 likes and shared more than 10,000 times.

Read what he wrote below…

This is my friend from DRC. He washes my car every time when I go to the gym and charges me R50. Even when I forget to lock the car, I’d never loose a cent when he is there! He pays R120 a day to hire the wash machine and sometimes looses his money when the weather turns rainy. He has 2 little girls with his wife, they both go to primary school.

He washes an average of 5 cars per day (5xR50=R250) – R120 = R130, buys food for R30, netts R100 per day on average. This guy survives on R2800, give or take per month. He pays rental and has kids to support. He took nobody’s job! Any South African who wants to do his job is most welcomed! Stop killing them and abusing them, some are making an honest living under extremely difficult situations. #Stopxenophobia