Wow!! Do You Know You Can Now Locate Your Lost Phone Using Google Search? (Read More)


Locate Lost Phone Using Google Search

Losing your phone is a nightmare, and things get worse when you know there is hardly any way to track it down.

Well but if you are an Android user, then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Google recently introduced a new feature which can track down any Android phone or tablet by simply using ‘Google Search’. Here’s how it works!

Step 1: Make sure you are using/share the same Google account on your PC and Android phone or tablet. (Even if you aren’t, it will prompt you once you type in ‘find my phone’ in the Google search bar.)

Step2: Now type in ‘find my phone’ in the Google Search bar.

As soon as you hit enter, Google will start locating your phone on Google Maps.

Give it a few seconds and your phone’s preciselocation will be right in front of you.

It even shows how far it is from where you are sitting.

But what if your phone is under a pillow or stuck in a bed side.

Well, for that, there’s an option called ‘Ring’ which will make your phone ring at maximum volume for over 5 minutes.