Why My Meetings With Jonathan Last Less Than 15 Minutes – Buhari



President-elect Muhammadu Buhari in an interview with Daily Trust at his hometown in Daura revealed that his meetings with President Goodluck Jonathan last less than fifteen minutes.

He blames this on the refusal of the president’s ministers to handover details of the situations in their ministries.

Why is it that your own meetings with President Jonathan are too short? You spent like 30 minutes.

It’s not up to 30 minutes. It’s not more than 15 minutes, except that with General Abdulsalami.

But you have so many problems to discuss…?

But I have to know what to discuss. If I’m denied the opportunity to know the problem, what do I discuss? If the ministries presented their handover notes or whatever, it is to the interim committee; the committee will be able to quickly go through it and produce a summary, which I would have been able to read.

I could have spent time with the president. But when I don’t know what is happening, what do I discuss?