Warning – New Scammers In Town



They drive an ash coloured SUV with registration number KRD 453 AX. They will woo you into buying an ordinary antenna for N8,500. They will start by telling you that multichoice is extorting Nigerians and our government isn’t doing much to help. They will say the antenna can pick 32 channels free of charge and store energy for over 10 minutes after power outage and you can enjoy your TV with it after the outage. They will even convince you by showing you the shocking effect. It is a scam, please stay away from them. They are extremely good at what they do and they have actually studied the product so well that the gullible ones will fall. They are just 3 men from the South East. Their leader is fat and aged between 35 – 40. While others are not too fat but the same age range.

A friend was duped and I hope this gets to the front page soon enough before others fall victim. Below is the pix of their fake products and the fake address on their receipt. The painful aspect is…. the antenna did not pick a single local channel grin . When you spot them please do not apprehend them on your own oooo. They seem desperate and might do anything to hurt you just to escape. Please feel free to share to create awareness!

More Photos Below

scam1 scam2 scam3