UNBELIEVABLE:See What GEJ’s Spokesman, Doyin Okupe Said On Adesina’s Christmas Message


Femi Adesina, the spokesperson of President Muhammadu Buhari, had congratulated Nigerians with Christmas via his Twitter account.

Adesina tweeted:

The message of Buhari’s spokesman sparked fury and negative reactions among many of his supporters. The criticism that followed was so intense that Mr. Adesina trended on Twitter for most of the day. See some reactions below:

However, Doyin Okupe, the senior special assistant on public affairs to ex-president  Goodluck Jonathan, of the who was initially thought to be deeply critical of Adesina and the incumbent government, rose in fierce defence of the presidential adviser.

Okupe via a post on his Facebook page stated that the comment was “totally harmless” and that the condemnation that trailed it was unnecessary.

He writes: I am not an apologist of this administration neither am I a supporter. 

The post by femi adesina this morning is totally harmless and does not deserve the vitriolic attack or condemnation that it seems to be getting. 

“I have not spoken to Demi but I know he included ‘including the wailing wailers’ just as a form of anectedote that is not unusual with Writers. 

“Many people on the social media network are too intemperate and over sensitive. 

They look out for faults and loopholes to bring down people in public offices. They also set up unrealistic and sometimes practically impossible moral grounds which they themselves cannot keep for public officers. 

“I know for a fact that people like me are supposed to be the ‘wailing wailers’ and we are not angry neither do we feel insulted by this otherwise humorous Xmas greetings. 

“On behalf of the wailers we salute Femi and thank him for this inconclusive Xmas felicitation.”


  1. On Holy month such as this, only God cursed ones are easily offended for no reason at all.
    Femi just wished every person merry Xmas. Nothing bad in the words used. Because for sure such people exist. Why are they easily offended. During their days, they didn’t wish Nigerians happy celebration of any type. Now reasonable people are wishing people happy xmass, they are not happy.