Top Tech Tips: How to use Twitter like an expert



Twitter is an easy-to-use, social media platform, which anybody can learn how to use almost instantly.   There are several quick and easy to use features that, no matter how basic your understanding of Twitter, you can master within minutes – and have you tweeting like a pro in no time.

If you want to take your Twitter experience to the next level, there are some key tips that can take you from a casual user to a full Twitter expert.   Try the following tips:

Use a good profile picture and Twitter biography

Help your followers put a face to a name!   Put up a profile picture that tells people something about you,  your  interests, and your passions.

The same can be said for your Twitter biography: users want to follow interesting people that discuss engaging topics or who have engaging discussions on Twitter. Let your biography tell your story to potential followers.

Popular Nigerian comedian  Ali  Baba  (@alibabagcfr) is a great example of how you can use Twitter to tell your story for you: Ali Baba’s profile briefly highlights the things that matter most to him.   With over 227,000 followers, there is no doubt that Ali Baba’s information and tweets have helped him gain  andedicated following.

Use memorable  hashtags

If you have something interesting to contribute on a subject, use the  hashtag  feature on Twitter to make this happen.   The  hashtagfeature allows any person interested in specific subjects to follow your thoughts and directly link your tweets to a specific subject feed.   Simply put the  hashtag  symbol (#) in front of the words or subjects that you want to have searched, and Twitter will help you do the rest.

Use the email notification center

With the integrated apps, widgets, and desktop or online tools (such as  TweetDeck) Twitter provides you with many ways to keep updated on what people are sharing on your timeline.   If you don’t have access to these features all the time, however, you can always set up your Twitter account to send you email notifications.   These alerts will let you know whenever somebody marks your tweet as a  favourite, when your tweet has been  retweeted, or even tell you when you have been mentioned on Twitter.

By following these tips, you are on the fast track to becoming a Twitter expert.

Source: Vanguard