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How much do Nigerian companies really pay? Although not everyone considers pay package as the first thing for picking up a particular job, but there is no denying that pay packages determine a whole lot of things when it comes to picking up jobs.

It does seem like many corporate organisations are waking up to the reality that if they must engage and keep the best hands, paying encouraging salaries, rather than stipends is the right thing.

As far as Nigeria is concerned, which companies are doing well at rewarding labour? We are going to look at a few of them and the industries they represent. It is also important to note that within same industry, there are disparities in salary scale depending on company policies, department and of course the level of the staff in the company – entry, middle or management.

1. Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd (Oil & Gas) is a Joint Venture between Shell and The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)andranks topmost on the list of companies that pays the highest salaries in Nigeria. The Company pays its entry level staff between N1million to as high as N2.5million (even as high as N6million) to junior staff depending on department and skills required.

2. Chevron (Oil & Gas) is also one of the top in the list of highest paying companies. The company operates in the Oil & Gas industry and is reputable for making its workers smile with juicy salary packages and other perks. Maybe this is due to its American background. Chevron pays a salary range of between around N2 – N2.5million in salary for her entry level staff per annum.

3. Mobil Oil & Gas Multinational (Also known as Exxonmobil) (Oil & Gas). Also with an American root Mobil has a strong base in the country and is the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and Gas Company, the world’s largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products and also a technology company, applying science and innovation to find better, safer and cleaner ways to deliver the energy the world needs. Exxonmobil pays around N3.6million – N9.6million in annual salary at entry level and that depends on your duty and which of the departments of the company you work with.

4. NNPC Oil & Gas (Oil & Gas) This is Nigeria owned oil and gas company and it’s just natural to be interested in what it pays its employees. With its Corporate Headquarters located at NNPC Towers, Central Business District, Herbert Macaulay Way, P.M.B. 190, Garki, Abuja, this custodian of Nigeria’s national wealth pays about N1.56million for entry level staff per annum.

5. MTN (Telecoms) There is no arguing the fact that MTN is the most widely known Telecoms Company in Nigeria. The company’s branded yellow colour stands out conspicuously anywhere. The company has gained so much ground and share of the industry that the rest are only playing catch up. That is why it is the number 5th best company in Nigeria. MTN pays her entry level staff up to N2.5million per annum.

Other companies that are within the top 10 bracket of highest paying companies in Nigeria are:

6. Nestle Nigeria Plc (FCMG) is probably the most recognised name in Nigeria as far as house-hold items are concerned. The company which pays about N1million to N2.5million in annual salaries. This is apart from the several house-hold items as perks.

7. Nigeria Civil Service (Government) a lot of people believe offers some level of job security. Sack is not common as it is in the private sector. Although there are no standards across all ministries under the government, hence some pay more than the others. At entry level for example in the Nigerian Customs the annual salary is between N960,000 – N1.2million and some of course pay less.

8. Total Oil (Oil & Gas), a major player in the O&G industry in Nigeria. This company pays its entry level staff anything from N5million and above in annual salary. Sometimes a staff in a place like Port-Harcourt may earn more than one in Lagos, though they are in the same level.

9. Dangote Group (FCMG) is another very well-known name in Nigeria and across Africa. The Group has interests in different economic sectors from building materials to daily house-hold needs. And its staff enjoys different salary packages across the different companies under the conglomerate, bearing in mind the standard national minimum wage.

10. Nigeria Breweries (FCMG) is another well-known company in Nigeria that has cut a nitch for itself and is very well accepted among its customers. This company pays from N800,000 and above in annual salary.

Which of these companies is your choice? Why would you want to work for the company? What are the things you primarily consider in order to choose a company to work for?

Source: NaijaPips