Top Funny moments During the Elections



1) PROF. John ETu Efeotor
Etu-Efeotor is Rivers state returning officer for the presidential elections.a Professor,Vice Chancellor Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effuru,Delta State.
This man was the needed Comic relief. The Man must be an Oversabi ..He was probably high on kiakia before climbing the Stage..
From his refusal to read From the original result sheet, to his claim that he is not a politician so he doesn’t know the names of the political patties that contested,to the fact that he only reads from typed scripts..he seem like he came there to antagonize Jega.. My friend nicknamed him ” The torch light professor” ” I cannot see clearly..i only read typed scripts”
funny man !!!

2)The Sign Language Guy – This guy is obviously married or engaged going by the ring on his finger..*(
oya some people go day search am ..smh
..He was busy gesturing to the deaf to explain the issues been discussed And i must say he did well ( dont ask me if am deaf )
i remember when the kano results was announced ,he was so overwhelmed that he did the sign of the cross..Lol
someone also said he has done more work than Jonathan did in his four years..

3)The man in glasses beside Jega – Damn .Handsome man !!! Nobody knows his name,position,state of origin or whether he is engaged !!!
All he does is to collect the original result sheet and give it to Jega..Many girls were so attracted to the man..Do you know that nobody on the high table said a word??
may we not be as insignificant as these people to the public..only Jega got all the Spotlight ?? Ok !! Contunu !!

4) Orubebe – This list will be incomplete without Orubebe ..He took the mic as if he had something meaningful to say and stood where he claimed he wanted the media to see him !! The police could not stop him as he was bent on disrupting the process.
Perhaps the hat he worn Blocked his brain !” He started shouting ” Jega you are Is bias,he is partial.We will not allow you to continue. You have been compromised ..No No. Go back to your Office and fghjjffjjkkgdfghjgffff.

He made various allegations against Jega which am not concerned about because its all false.
Even when Jega called for continuation of the process he came back ranting like a Starved goat.Orubebe entered the dictionary to mean someone acting weird in order to gain attention.. Like wearing face cap on native.

Even children in Secondary school had to say ” keep quiet !! Am writing the names of Orubebes.What a shame !!
The Man will be good for all these People that do crusade Jingles for church..Did you hear when they said if you shout at your phone you will charge it,If orubebe Shout at his phone,battery go explode.
i heard he was a Former minister and he later apologised ,ok ??

5) JEGA – The Main man..Obago !””
He is a Prof indeed. not some i cant read without torchlight or all this profs with heavy presence of their local accent present in their language ..
What makes him outstanding

1) He carefully chose his words and insisted all Returning officers read from the Original no matter what.Jega is the type of guy that reads all the term and conditions before clicking accept!! He had to be like a Supervisor and The Vcs like students presenting Projectss !!

2) Let us Reconvene – jega got more Suspense than that next time on your award winning Super story ish.He kept everyone on the edge of their seat by slowly and meticulously announcing the results.
His Catch phrase ” We shall reconvene at” was a statement most Nigerians feared. However, if he tells you he will be around by 1pm,go and cook that beans,Watch the season film 24 hours and walk from Ajegunle to VI,then come back,he be ready by then .Na small remain,he might have call Davido to Come perform as he goes on his ” 10 minutes recess ”

3) Orubebe Epic ” Finish him” – Jega’s response should be used as a quote in churches and Mosques nationwide and his Composure should probably be studied as a Course.
” Mr orubebe,you are an Statesman in your own right and a Former minister, you should be careful the allegations you make and how u conduct yourself in public ” Damn !!He quickly found his name in the Nigerian dictionary to mean being calm or composed in the face of unrest.Any one way wan Orubebe my life ,God go jega them.Some said his name means ” Just ended Jega administration ” ok ??

He is a hero ..

4) he conducted a peaceful election.Free and fair to majority of Nigerians..Good man ” And please am looking for a Coke bottle with the name ” JEGA” ,if found kindly call 08066666665

6) The Moderator – He wanted to collect Mic from Orubebe.Orubebe shouted on him baba move back.He looks like all these yoruba people that bear akinwunmi !!

7) Cyril Stober of NTA – dont know why but he just had to be there!!

Lagos – Do you noticed that Lagos was the only State where all the 14 political parties in the Presidential election got more than 1000 votes ?? including Kowa !!!