Toke Makinwa Laments Xenophobic Violence Against Foreigners In South Africa


Toke Makinwa

In the heat of increasing violence in South Africa due to xenophobic killings of foreigners, Nigerian On Air Personality, Toke Makinwa has given her thoughts on the issue. She decried the inhuman acts being carried out and admonished South Africans to embrace unity.

Read her words:

South Africa, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Each time i visit i find myself asking is this still in Africa???? They say God can forgive what the white man has done to the black man but what we black prople do to ourselves????? Where do we even begin? No doubt as a ountry you have been thru hell and back but what you went thru should change you. Hate is evil, you have eradicated apathied but you enslave yourselves in your mind. You gave us Nelsom Mandela, he changed the world, he sowed love in the place of hate why kill those who are working to better your economy??? I watched a gruesome video of a female being killed in the street in durban and my heart broke. God save South Africa, we are 1. Foreigners are not the enemy, your mind is.

Source: Stargist