To Those Of You Wondering How Gej’s Trekker Survive While Trekking (See Photos)

For the past couple of days,news about Mr.nihi and gloria(GEJ’s trekkers) had been hitting Nairaland’s Front page,and some people ain’t happy about(reasons best known to them)Some call the trekking sh*t some rubbish,some doesn’t even believe the whole trekking story  and while others are curious to know how the duo survive/live while trekking

So this prompt me to ask Mr.nihi himself,that he should please upload a pic of him charging his phone,guess what,he did and sent the pictures to me,not only that he also sent some of the pictures of him washing his cloth.

In his words he said “show this to those still asking how do we charge our phones. Taking in the hotel we are lodged in agbor he said

Check out the pics after the cut

Pics of his hanged washed clothes and others