Tips On How To Identify Fake Perfumes



Well, buying a fake perfume, especially if you shelled out good money of it, can be annoying. Even if its not expensive, it helps to know. Sometimes, however, the problem is not about the money, but the ingredients used to concoct those perfume mixtures. This can lead to some serious health issues like irritations and more! So, I present to you some tips on how to identify a fake perfume. The list is not conclusive, but should help you get by. Here we go:

Before you Buy-Be vigilant

1. Perfume Origin: Where is the perfume made? where is the perfume house based? If you are buying perfume, you should be familiar with the perfume house. If not, it is always advisable to test out first. Ideally, at the airport.

2. Place of Purchase: It is generally the case that perfumes are sold everywhere in the world. But do you know some places are known for supplying fake perfumes? For example, a large proportion of fake perfumes emanate from china, Russia, Turkey, Romania. If your supplier tells you he is a distributor, ask him where he gets his supplies. There are known reputable suppliers in US and Europe. Also bear in mind that buying from a reputable store or big online retailer is no guarantee that you are getting the real deal either.

After you buy: OnboxingThis is where you need to pay absolute attention:

3. Cellophane Wrapping: The first tale tale sign of a questionable perfume is usually in the packaging. First pay attention to the transparent cellophane wrap before you open. Is the cellophane clean and clear? Is it broken? and most importantly, is the cellophane well wrapped evenly around the edges and heat sealed? Be vigilant. Without cellophane, it is probably a returned bottle. If it is not a returned bottle, it is probably the last bottle used for display in the shop.

4. Box design/packaging: Similar to the cellophane wrapping, the carton housing the perfume bottle, should be made of quality material. It should feel firm and sturdy to the touch. Edges should be well cut, fitting perfectly. If the carton was damaged in transit, it is not a problem. Most fake packages have a over glossy look to them that screams “fake”

5. The Bottle: The cap on the bottle should fit snugly, should not easily come off. Also, the bottle should be well cut, and of highest quality. It should be smooth to the touch with no rough edges. If the bottle is transparent, you should able to look right from beneath and see the contents inside the bottle.

6. The writing on the bottle: The name of the perfume, and sometimes the perfume house must be well written on the bottle. Check that the writing is not shabbily done, check that every (i) is dotted and with apostrophes where applicable. Check for misspellings. For example, Terre d’hermes has an engraving round the cap. Most fakes come without the little apostrophe. Check also that lines align properly. Chanel should not be spelled ‘Chanell” for example. Try to see if you can peel off the writing using your nails. If it comes off easily, well!

7. Marks/Codes/Engravings: Every perfume comes with manufacturer’s marks or codes. Some of these codes represent dates of manufacture. You should the place of origin, The most important, however is that the code on the perfume housing, i.e. the pack or carton must correspond with the one engraved on the bottle. It is usually, 4 letter code. Also check to ensure that

8. The perfume proper: Have you ever used this perfume in particular? if not, you may find it difficult differentiating. Now to verify the perfume quality. 1. When you press the nozzle, the perfume should not just puff out. You should press at least 3-4 times. Some times even more. (Your perfume should first spray air) 2. How does it smell. Believe it or not some fakes smell horrible and bad. Some smell close to the real thing, but come short. 3. Spray the perfume on a transparent material, preferably on a glass window. There should be no residues on the glass surface. The colour should be consistent. You could also try to shake the perfume. The bubbles should take just a little while to settle and not settle immediately.

I hope this should help you get by. If you have other tips or feel I skipped something, please add. If you need further info, I will he glad to help.

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