This Is Bad!! Nigerian Man Brutally Murdered In Italy (Viewer Discretion)



In a gruesome case of cold blooded murder, a Nigerian ,Terry Agaga, was brutally murdered in Padova, Italy. According to Italian media, the 34 year old was killed over a woman in a black club ‘Le Parisien’ popularly called ‘Port Harcourt club’ by Nigerians.

According to eye witness, Terry, who got his Italian residence permit of stay in Sept 2014, got killed because of an argument over a girl.

He was said to have fallen inlove with a girl whose previous boyfriend is a cultist.

The ex-boyfriend was enraged for losing his girl to Terry .

When the scorned boyfriend met Terry at a club, they were involved in a physical fight and he ended up being stabbed to death with a machete.

The Italian police are still investigating the killing of Terry and three Nigerians have been arrested so far.