These Photos Of Adebayor’s Car Collection Show Why His Family Are After Him (See Photos)



Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor, known simply as Adebayor, is a Togolese footballer signed to Manchester City but currently on loan to Tottenham.

Adebayor has been trending in the news for some days over his Facebook revelation about his family members making his life pretty miserable.

Well, Adebayor is no doubt living life to the fullest and you’ll stop wondering why his family members are after him when you see his extremely flamboyant car collection.

Take a look:

emmanuel Adebayor car2

emmanuel adebayor car

emmanuel adebayo

Emmanuel adebayor car3

emmanuel adebayor car4

emmanuel adebayor cars

emmanuel adebayor fleet of cars

emmanuel adebayor5

emmanuel adebayor6

emmanuel adebayor7

emmanuel Adebayors carjet

emmanuel adebayor car1

Emmanuel adebayo cars

Source: Stargist