The Real Reason Men Live Shorter Lives Than Women

Businessman and woman standing back to back against white background
Businessman and woman standing back to back against white background

It is a fact of life that men enjoy certain physical advantages over women. On average, men are stronger, taller, faster and less likely to be overweight. But none of these attributes seem to matter over the long haul. For whatever the physical virtues of maleness, longevity is not among them.
Women, as a group, live longer than men. Even across the industrialized world, women still live 5 to 10 years longer than men and recent research revealed that among people over 100 years old, 85% are women.

These Are The Few Reasons Men Live Shorter Lives

1. The Burden of Natural Genetic Deficits. While every cell in a woman’s body has two large X chromosomes, men have one X and one smaller Y chromosome; the Y is half the size. The “spare” X chromosomes allow women’s bodies to compensate when faced with damage in ways that men’s cells cannot. In addition, mutations are three to six times more likely in a Y chromosome than an X chromosome.

2. The Big Delay: This is a one big advantage women have over men in terms of cardiovascular disease, like heart attack and stroke. Women develop these problems usually in their 70s and 80s, about 10 years later than men, who develop them in their 50s and 60s.

3. Hard Drugs and Alcohol: Althou women indulge in this too but the rate is higher in men. A lot of men have done horrendous damage to themselves over time with smoking and drinking.

4. The Testostereone Storm: This is the time in the live a guy when the levels of the hormone can be quite high and changeable, and that can induce some pretty dangerous behavior among young men. They start taking risks; they drink too much alcohol; they can be aggressive with weapons and so on and so forth. These behaviors lead to a higher death rate.

5. They Take Risks: Men are biologically more prone to risky behavior, this is sometimes caused by the slower development of the area of the brain that governs judgment and sometimes by the presure the society put on us. For instance, when there’s a burning house, the man has to be the one running back in to save others and risk his life!

6. Self-Reliance: It is always good to be able to do things for yourself but there are things you cannot accomplish on you own and some men don’t seem to reason that way. We have this mentality of I can do it all on my own. I don’t depend on anybody. I can’t depend on others in society to take care of me, so I need to rely on myself. And because others like my family are depending on me, I really need to take care of myself. This is good to an extent but the disadvantage poses a great risk to our health

7. Men Don’t Pay Attention To Their Health: Men pay more attention to their wives’ health than their own. When a woman complains of sickness, the man will either take her to the hospital or ask her to see a doctor but when he falls sick, he will take paractamol and wave it off as nothing. Even when we do fall properly ill, we still laugh it off, and pretend it’s nothing so that we don’t look weak – or even risk losing work. There’s a lot at stake if you admit to illness.

8. Some Men Hardly Rest: This group of men are always at work, from morning till night everyday. There is nothing like rest in their dictionary. They work all the time.

9. They Live With Women: No Explanation is needed here.