The Igbos That Helped Buhari To The Presidency



Recently I was discussing the role many prominent Igbos played in helping GMB to the presidency and many never believed they did much.

1. Fr. Mbaka: The voice from the pulpit aimed several serial political attacks at GEJ with wreckless abandon. His abbatoir was the adoration ground that had earlier anointed the wife of the president in an elaborate program…but within weeks he was his biggest critic. His sermon were laced with anything ANTI-GEJ.

Father Mbaka was a constant torn the GEJ’s never got an answer to silent him. Was he working for the APC or was He under the influence of the holy spirit as he claimed? Only time will tell. Watch him talk below

2. Oby Ezekwesili: The former minister took the #bringbackourgirls crusade to a new height. A constant nuisance depleting the rank and file of the GEJ government’s lilly liver fight against the dreaded Boko Haram sects. Locally and internationally, she highlighted all that was wrong with the GEJ’s regime.

The height of her campaign was laying siege at the national assembly. Many believed that her campaign was bore out of political sentiment than sincere concern for the kidnapped girls. However she never missed any opportunity to rub on the failure of the GEJ’s government whenever she speaks.

3. Rochas Okorocha: This is the real deal for the Igbos. A flawless orator and the new face of the Igbo nation. He was the lonely voice of the APC in the East…this was a man who had been members of almost all the major political parties in Nigeria, from APGA to ANPP, AA to PDP and now APC. He stood firm in the face of adversity as the PDP threw their weight unhindered in the South East. He was the strongest APC henchman in the East that gave them public appeal as a true National party. He may one day rule Nigeria if his kinsmen rally round him.

4. Ogbonnaya Onu: A political arrow head of the APC, He was a key factor in the creation of the APC. The only authentic address the APC his in the east is the home of the former governor, a loyal leader that Buhari and co holds in high esteem. He was involved in many of the failed battles in the east to garner support for Buhari during the election.

5. Dr Chris Ngige: A former governor and a progressive to the core…many of his political battles are well documented with sometimes too weird to fathom, but his role as the APC foot soldier from the east provided the necessary arsenal the APC needed to dislodge the ethnic/religious tanthrum the PDP threw at them… He was a stabilsing factor from the east doing the mop up whenever Lai Mohammed releases his missles.

6. Charles Soludo’s: last ditch effort to rubbish the economic power house of the GEJ’s administration led by Ngozi Iweala was a terrible punch below the belt. It was a destraction they never expected. He charged GEJ for leadership failure and enumerated on many political and economic indices bothering on sustained systematic corruption leveled against the government. He challenged the defacto prime minister Ngozi Iweala to an economic debate that never materialised.