Terry G talks about who introduced him to drugs



(Terry G says he's quit using hard drugs. Photo: TGP)

Believe it or not, Terry G has revealed that he started using drugs after an actress introduced him to it. The controversial singer and producer, known for his energetic performances and weird lyrics, recently stated this in an interview with Punch.

Narrating his first experience with drugs, he said it was more of not wanting to let those around the location down once he was offered the substance.

‘People actually see me as a very bad guy, so it does not surprise me when I go to certain places and they offer me some things because they think I already indulge in them. It was a gathering of celebrities and they say when you are in Rome act like a Roman. I was offered and I did not want to be seen as the odd one out, so I indulged in it with them.’

Source: The Net