Suspected Robber Implicates Man Returning From Prayer (See Photo)



A robbery suspect, Ahmed Adekeye, arrested by the police in Lagos, has confessed that he lied against a man, Tunde Adekambi, who he had earlier claimed to be a member of his gang.

PUNCH Metro learnt that 23-year-old Adekambi was arrested while he was returning from a morning prayer at a mosque in the Ajangbadi area of Lagos.

It was gathered that on Saturday, May 2, 2015, a gang of robbers stormed the area at about 1.30am and unleashed terror on the residents for about an hour.

Our correspondent learnt that a vigilance group in the area confronted the gang, which had about six members, and arrested Adekeye. The other gang members reportedly escaped.

The following day, members of the vigilance group were said to have arrested Adekambi.

It was gathered that Adekeye told the vigilance group members that Adekambi was one of the gang members.

The duo was reportedly handed over to the police.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Adekeye also told the police at Ajangbadi that Adekambi was a gang member. The case was subsequently transferred to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad for further investigation.

Adekeye from Isin, Kwara State, said he lied to the police about Adekambi’s involvement because he did not want to rot in jail alone.

He, however, begged Adekambi to forgive him for making him suffer in detention.

He said, “We are six in the gang, but I was the only one that was arrested on that day. Others ─ Lekan, Biodun, Aloma and two others; I don’t know their names ─ escaped. While in Ajangbadi, I lied to the police that Adekambi was an accomplice.

“Aloma, a cobbler in Suru Alaba, called me on the phone and asked me to meet him in the Ilogbo, Ajangbadi area. I met him and others at a hemp smoking joint.

“They brought three cutlasses and three wooden batons. I took one of the wooden batons.

“We went to Orisa Street, and stayed in an uncompleted building till about 1am. At about 1.30am, we went to our victim’s house. The man and his family cooperated with us, until we cut him with a cutlass. He then let out a scream which attracted people in the neighbourhood.

“So, the vigilance members came and everybody fled. I was caught and handed over to the police.

“When they brought Tunde (Adekambi) later, I lied that he was a gang member. At SARS too, I initially insisted that Tunde was one of us because I did not want to be punished alone. But after a few days, I decided to tell the truth. So, I told the police that Tunde was innocent.

“I did not know why I implicated him. I knew the police would torture a suspected robber, but I did not want to go through it alone. Our usual operation is to use motorcycles to snatch peoples’ bags.”

Adekambi, who hails from Ilorin, Kwara State, said he was shocked for being named as a member of the robbery gang.

He said, “On that fateful day, I had just finished prayer and was coming back home at about 7am when some people on a motorcycle stopped beside me. They were members of a vigilance group.

“They asked me what I was doing there and I explained that I was returning from the mosque.

They did not believe me. They tore my shirt, calling me an armed robber.

When we got to where Ahmed (Adekeye) was handcuffed, he told them that I was a member of the gang. That was the beginning of my ordeal.

“I was detained at the station for three days and transferred to SARS. I am still in shock, but I have forgiven him. I do not have an option.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the incident. He added that Adekambi had been released.

He said,“After investigation, we discovered that Adekambi was innocent, and the suspect did not know him from Adam.

“We have released Adekambi.”

Source: PunchNg