Students In Edo Find Freshly Dug Grave In Their Classroom [See Photos]



There was chaos at Iguodala Primary School in the Uhunduhun Oredo LGA of Edo State after a freshly dug grave with blood sprinkled on it was found in one of the classrooms on Monday May 4th.

According to Punch, the Head teacher of the school, Mrs Georginia Ilongwo said the students and their teacher returned to their classroom after the morning assembly when they found the grave and immediately raised an alarm.

“After the pupils and teachers raised the alarm, people around trooped into the school premises.

I informed the Odionwere community leaders, the Ministry of Education, the Nigeria Union of Teachers and the Parent-Teacher Association. All of them advised that we call the police.

When policemen came, they said they would assess the scene today (Tuesday).

We were all surprised because since I started teaching here, I have never experienced such a thing”she said

Police officers from the Esigie Police Division who have been keeping watch of the school since the incident happened said health workers from the state Ministry of Health had come to inspect the place and advised the cemetery workers who were digging the grave open to stop since they had already dug 3 feet into the ground and even reached the hard part of the earth and found nothing suspicious.

Mr. Sylvester Usoboh, a Deputy Director in the Health and Environment Department of the council, while commenting on the incident said

“We have removed the earth that was dug and got to the stronger part, an indication that no further digging was done, and nothing was found. Maybe the police may investigate further; but we did not find anything.”

Also commenting, the Divisional Police Officer, CSP Akeke Eni, said they had also dug the grave and found nothing. He said no corpse was found in the grave.

“It is an empty ‘grave. It was initially suspected to contain something, but we have discovered that there is nothing inside.”