SHOCKING: Students Filmed Bullying Female Teacher, Threatening To Beat Her With Chair (See Photos + Video)


A horrifying video of high school students mocking and intimidating their female teacher recently surfaced online.

In a short video clip, a group of students are seen shouting and throwing things at their teacher, with one of them even threatening to beat her with a chair.


The bully is heard saying: “Sit your a** down. What I say something I mean it. Now ask me what my name is again.”

students bullying teacher

Approaching the teacher with a chair and desk above his head the aggressive male student says: “Gonna smack her a** with a whole bag of M&Ms.”

students bullying teacher4

What is even more shocking is that none of the students interfer, furthermore, they are all laughing and encouraging him.

students bullying teacher1

And even though the classroom is total chaos, the teacher called Mrs. Cox somehow remains calm and tries to regain control of the mob but all in vain.

students bullying teacher3

At one point she politely asks the boy to get rid of “whatever you’re throwing”. Then she tells the student recording the video: “Young lady I’m going to have to ask you to have a seat.”

students bullying teacher2

The incident was filmed by one of the students of Chicago Vocational Career Academy in 2011.

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