SHOCKING: See what this Horrified Couple Found Inside Canned Tomato Sauce (See Photos)


I thought stuff like this only happen in Africa. Alas i was wrong because britain was stunned when a horrified couple found a dead baby lizard inside a can of tomatoes as they cooked lunch.Muhammad Hussain and his wife Sanam bought the tomatoes from a local supermarket and opened the can to make the gruesome discovery.

Euro Foods, which owns the supermarket, has apologised for the couple’s grim find and has launched an investigation.

Muhammad was alerted by his seven-month pregnant wife’s screams as she opened the tin at their home in Birmingham.

He told the BBC : “My wife was making lunch for me and our 15-month-old son. When she opened the can, she saw something and screamed at me to come through. I saw it was a dead baby lizard.