SHOCKER!! Juju Found In Bishop’s House In Edo (See Photo)



Juju found in bishop’s house over alleged petition on hospital.

A FEW days after he petitioned ‎the police on an alleged plot to kidnap and kill him over his petition to President Muhammadu Buhari on the state of the psychiatric hospital in Benin City, two strange objects were Tuesday morning discovered at the entrance and exit door of the residence of Bishop Ezekiel Orhevba‎.

A ‎statement was placed on the objects at the back which read “Ancient juju from ancient shrine for Ezekiel Oise Orhevba. See and, touch and die.

If you have solution to all moves and attacks, you have no solution to this mother of all destructions.” Orhevba said he had already informed the police and was waiting for their response.‎ “I came from Abuja late last night and this morning, it was people from outside who alerted me that something strange was there, which I will call juju, when the police come, they will give it a better name.”

I have an issue with some people in the Federal Psychiatric Hospital, I think they should know something about this. I have a petition against six people there so there are proofs, these are exhibits against them.

They think they can stop me from going to the police and maybe opt out of the case so that they can walk away as free men, but I am not deterred and victory is sure,” he said.