Seyi Law Shares His Wife’s Excruciating Cesarean Story



Just two months ago popular comedian Seyi Law and his wife Ebere lost their baby few hours after delivery.

Now, the ace jester has shared his family’s painful ordeal during the period in a recent interview with Encomium magazine.

Seyi Law who recently celebrated his fourth year in marriage opened up to the mag about the operation as something they were expecting but hoping it would change until the last minute.

According to him,

It was not a news that came in a day because it was a process. Actually, there was a diagnosis. We got the result and we were hopeful it would change. Up to the time she went for the Caesarean section, we were still hopeful but we just want to thank God her life was preserved and God kept her strong ever since.

When asked how he was able to console her, he had this to say:

After the whole thing, I was at the hospital with her which was something that gave her strength because when she opened her eyes, I was the first person she saw and she was able to hold my hands. The only thing I was able to do was to keep praying. I can’t say my words were the most comforting, but I think God had gone before me to comfort her because I was not sure. I just kept telling her you would be a mother very soon and people are going to celebrate you. Just allow this phase to pass and you would know that God is awesome.

On the rumour that his wife had a miscarriage,

The thing is, what most people did not understand was a Caesarean was done, the baby was brought out alive and the doctors tried to save the baby, but after about six hours, the baby lost the battle. So, it was not miscarriage. After the birth, I had the baby in my arms. I heard the baby cry. I remember I was in the theatre with them when they brought out the baby and I fainted.

Source: Stargist