See Who Amber Rose is Dating Now (See Photo)


Rapper Machine Gun Kelly has been in hot romance with Wiz Khalifa’s ex, Amber Rose.Machine and Amber has been spotted hanging out in New York a couple of times.The rapper decided to clear the air on his relationship with Rose. MGK told Hot 97 that Amber is his new boo and that everything was completely natural, it wasn’t anything that he had expected or planned, or anything like that.

MGK revealed that he doesn’t like getting attention from the media and since he’s dating a famous person, he’s trying to cope with it.

According to the rapper “Everything was completely natural. It wasn’t anything that I had expected or had planned or anything like that. You know when the universe throws something your way and things happen, I’m one of those people who goes along with it. I don’t fight it.”

Machine Gun address fans who say he’s ‘selling out’ for dating Amber Rose.

MGK said “The action of selling out is doing something that you don’t believe in because of money or because of fame… I don’t need to be more famous. I don’t like being famous anyway. I already get recognized more than anyone would expect me to get recognized.”

Source: Lailas Blog