See What An Artist Did To These Bananas

Every so often, and Instagram feed comes along that has me going back weeks, looking at all the posts I can muster. When I saw Stephen Brusche’s Instagram feed, I knew it would be at least an hour before I came up for air. Though he shares much of his art on his page, he is best known for his banana art, which is, well, exactly what it sounds like.Using ink and what I imagine to be a very sharp knife, Stephen carves shapes out the skin of the banana, taking great care to not damage the structural integrity of the fruit inside. Then, he uses a pen to fill in an illustration with what is left of the peel. His cutouts are precise and his drawing skills are top notch, and the result of his efforts is, well, bananas.These are some examples of Stephen’s best work. I squealed when I saw my favorite character from The Wire. Can you find him?

1.The Adam & Eve Bananas
2.The Nativity Bananas
3. The Noah’s Ark Bananas (Two-By-Two Of Course)
4.The Cutest Banana