See Man Who Sneaks Into Public Toilets To Eat Women’s Poo For 8 Years (See Photo)


Hold on to your lunch, guys, this story is pretty nauseating. A young man in Guangdong Province of China was caught in the act of eating feces out of a toilet in a public restroom.

According to Chinese media reports, a female reporter was informed by a local citizen that there was a man in a particular public toilet who “ate poop.” When the reporter went to investigate, she indeed found a young man with his head in the bowl of a toilet vigorously munching on something.Freaked out, the reporter ran outside, but waited to speak with the man when he emerged. She asked him what he had been doing, and he replied, “I was eating poop.” He further claimed that women’s poop was “more delicious” than men’s.
Locals say that the man had recently moved to the neighborhood, but had been caught doing the same thing at a public toilet near his previous residence too. They said the man was known in the area and that the locals and people who used the public toilet were all afraid of him.

It’s not known what happened to the man after his encounter with the reporter, but mental health experts have pointed out that his strange behavior may be due to some untreated mental or emotional issue.

Source: Lailas Blog