See How a Guy Was Forced To Take A Deadly Oath In His Office (Must Read)



He Sent this to us:-

About 2yrs ago something terrible happen at my place of work, we do close our office around 5. PM latest 5.30 but on dis fateful day I forgot my charger @ d office which made me went back, that was around 8.30Pm but on getting to the office I saw something terrible done by our branch manager, he was calling the names of all his workers saying some incantations I assume he is using the workers glories, I waited for sometime to see the full scenario, in a couple of seconds I was shocked to death when I heard him mentioned my name along with others, there I bang inside to stop him, then I discovered he wasn’t alone, there with him were one spiritualist, 3 grown up boys. The spiritualist shouted to my boss “you must not stop that incantation” I became tensed and confused, immediately the three men held me tightly, then I remembered God, I shouted Jesus even thou I’ve never done that willingly, immediately I shouted Jesus the spiritualist ordered my boss to stop, they all became angry, I never knew one of them had a gun, he pointed the gun at me ask me to say my last prayer, I was like just like that?? No then my boss pleaded that they shouldn’t kill me.

The man then brought out red paper there I saw all the workers names he ask me to point to my name, which I did, then he said he will remove my name from the list if I can only make an oath that till I die no one will hear what happen tonight from my mouth, and if I do, I should die and he later said if I didn’t make the oath they are left with no choice than to kill me….then I made the oath and my name was removed as promised. They took me out and drop me infront of my house in my boss car around 10.00PM, I went in quietly to bed without showing my face to anyone @ home, the following morning I gather some courage went to the office I saw my boss, then I look straight to his face and said Sir can I tender my resignation letter? Workers around were confused, my boss drag me inside his office immediately, then trys to threaten me about the oath then I told him the oath was not to tell anybody so y can I resign working here. Then he said he will accept my resignation letter and even offer me some money which I rejected with anger, when I was about to leave his office he reminded again saying “your life in your hand” remember my words, I looked at him banged the door and went out, when I get tot the office hall I looked at others workers, as I saw those that their names were mentioned, including a secondary school friend of mine who we walk home together, I busted into tears, no one wouldn’t know what has happened, I left the premises before they started suspecting.

I’ve gone for deliverance twice now I worked somewhere else, life changed for good

But I felt sad whenever I see dis frnd of mine complaining and not always financially stable, I advise him several tymz to quit the job, he always decline instead he says wat job will a school cert holder see as he’s earning 35k per month but nothing to show…..I was the only that know is been enchanted but can’t tell him, my conscience is killing me right now, I thought of telling him and again I thought of the oath of dying if I do.

Now the question here is, is there anyway I can actually release this secret to him? Can send dis to him through any social messenger, afterall I didn’t say it with my mouth, will the oath still kill me if I do….pls need a strong advise my frnd life is becoming an E luck day by day he never for once notice, I’ve gone for my N.D and back now he never for once think of furthering his education yet he claims I love that job

What should I do?

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