See First-Ever Life-Size Sculpture Of Goodluck Jonathan (See Photos)


A giant sculpture of the former Nigerian president is going to appear in Goodluck Jonathan’s hometown Otuoke in Bayelsa state.

The ex-president, who came back to native town yesterday, was warmly welcomed by his chiefs, kinsmen and thousands of supporters. Ezemagu Sunday Nnamdi is one of the most loyal adherents, he started to prepare for the president’s arrival two weeks ago and has amost finished a special hand-made gift for his “hero of democracy.” Besides, an ex-youth corp member donated N10,000 for the president’s nomination form which cost N2 million.

Young Man Creates Goodluck Jonathan's Sculpture In Otuoke

Young Man Creates Goodluck Jonathan's Sculpture In Otuoke

In a bid to explain his commitment to the immediate past leader of the nation Nnamdi wrote: “My name is Ezemagu Sunday Nnamdi, the ex-youth corp member that donated N10,000 to president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan re-election bid. I raised a bank draft of N10,000 from my NYSC account and send it to Mr President through DHL to support his re-election bid when I was serving.

I found out that, there is something special in president Goodluck Jonathan which Nigerian’s will soon miss. I know that some people that are reading this message will say that president Goodluck Jonathan has filled this guy’s pocket with money. Let me tell you categorically I have not set my eyes on president Jonathan before talk more of receiving any favour from him.

The election has come and gone but president Goodluck Jonathan remain my prospective mentor and political father. President Goodluck Jonathan has written his name with Golden pen and for me to tap from his character and attitude I have decided to raise a sculptural piece of president Jonathan in his home town as a mark hero which can also serve as a tourist center.

Young Man Creates Goodluck Jonathan's Sculpture In Otuoke

I will leave Abuja to Otuoke, president Goodluck Jonathan’s home town on Monday to give my aspiring mentor a warming heroic welcome for putting the interest of the nation above his personal ambition and also for salvaging the democratic ethic of this nation. If I land in Otuoke on Tuesday, I will go directly to the traditional ruler’s place to request for a strategic position where I will raise a sculptural piece of president Goodluck Jonathan as a mark of Hero to the people of and Nigeria and world at large.

I will also pay courtesy visit to Government house to inform the Governor of my intention. I will be updating my movement on Facebook, Twitter and other online social media. Attached to this write up is my picture and a letter of appreciation from president Goodluck Jonathan after my donation.”
On his way to the native Otuoke Goodluck Jonathan was accompanied by his wife Patience, personal assistant, Colonel Ojogbane Adegbe, escort and security personnel. The town was carefully prepared for the return of one of its illustrious sons – workers put finishing touches to the five buildings at Mr Jonathan’s residence, women swept the dusty floors and men added fresh coats of paint on rails and beams at the Dame Patience Jonathan Square. Here you can check out photos of Goodluck Jonathan’s new home in Otuoke!