Satellite images show Kim Jong-un’s troops carrying out mass executions


Satellite images show North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un’s troops carrying out brutal mass executions using anti-aircraft guns which would leave the bodies ‘pulverized’. Sickening pictures have been released by Committee for Human Rights in North Korea that show six anti-aircraft guns used to shoot a line of people, a viewing platform can be seen set up nearby, which is very sickening.Experts have analysed the photographs which appear to show the Kanggon Military Training Area, close to the capital city Pyongyang, being used as a long-distance firing range.

‘Pulverized’: A ZPU-4 anti-aircraft gun like the on North Korean troops are thought to have used to execute people

Earlier this year, Kim Jong-un ordered the execution of 15 senior officials including those who complained about his policies, South Korea’s intelligence agency said.

Those executed included two vice minister-level officials reports the National Intelligence Service (NIS).Both were punished for opposing or complaining about Kim’s directives, the legislators said.
Satellite images of the Kanggon Military Training Area, where it is believed the executions took place using anti-aircraft guns

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