Rita Dominic Speaks On Movie Deal, Fashion, Celebrities And More (Read)


Rita Dominic Speaks

In a recent interview while signing a movie deal precisely last week, Award winning Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic speaks on the deal, her fashion sense which is admired by all, Celebrities who have the preference for either dating or marrying other celebrities only.

See her conversation with Morakinyo below:

Can you tell us a bit about “Mary”, the new movie you just signed a contract for to play the lead?

Yes, “Mary” is a script I like. It’s something different and fresh. It appears it’s going to be challenging because I’ll be playing two different Characters; two different personalities. So I like the story, I like the suspense and all. I don’t really want to go into details so that people can watch out for it when it’s out.

This is a movie with a christian undertone, is this your first time of playing a christian role?

Yea, it has a christian undertone, but not necessarily my first time playing a christian role. There was this film we shot many years ago where Francis Duru played my husband. The character had HIV. She was infected by her husband. We shot the film in Abuja. So I’ve played a christian role before. But that story and this story are totally different. This is more concentrated. So like I said, I find the script very interesting and the character speaks to me. That’s what I look out for. If the character speaks to me, I take up the role with the hope that it will speak to everyone watching the same way it did to me.

How much is this contract worth, do you mind disclosing to us?

It’s a lot of money actually. I wouldn’t like to disclose the real amount, let’s just say that I’m happy.

I’m surprise to be seeing you in Nigeria lately, the rumours underground sometimes back is that you had relocated to Kenya, a lot of people actually believe this, how true?

Are you serious? Relocate? Really? No I didn’t. You know why? My Kenyan fans are always showing me so much love. I did a movie titled “Shattered” which won me my first AMAA, and I’ve always noticed something, even online, my Kenyan fans who I love to call my family always ask me “when are you coming back home?” “We miss you over here” and I’m like oh this is so sweet. So I love my Kenyan people too. I’m being shown much love over there always I haven’t actually visited there in a while. I’ve been here. But I’m hoping to go soon. It’s like my second home and second family.

When one thinks “Rita Dominic”, one thinks fashion, you seem to always get it right all the time that your name has now come to be synonymous with fashion, how do you do it?

In all honesty, I don’t know. I don’t understand why people keep saying that because I know that I don’t do anything different from the next woman. I just wear whatever, you know?

I’m asking this because you hardly or haven’t ever be criticised for a wardrobe malfunction and you’ve won awards several times as most stylish Nollywood actress?

Well maybe it’s because my mum was very stylish, so maybe you can say that I got that from her. But to be honest, I don’t pay attention to all that. I just wear what everyone wears.

You don’t have a stylist?

I have stylists. I work with Ebun Aboderin; he is my stylist. Also Bimbo Odunsi. Then once in a while,I work with Remi Fagbohun.

What’s your take on celebrities showing off on Social media, especially showing off too much of their private lives?

Well, if they want to do it, I’ll say let them. Personally, I am a very private person but if some of my colleagues and other entertainers feel they want to share their blessings with their fans, what’s wrong with that?

Nigerian celebrities have been showing off things online that fans are finding very nauseating, haven’t you noticed?

Nauseating? Really? Like what?

Like celebrities posting pictures of their exposed boobs, derrière, sex toys, or photos of themselves chiing. In a Jacuzzi with only pants and stuffs like that, wha do you think, are those parts of the blessings they want to share?

(Laughing) Wow! That’s really beyond me. That’s their personal life. I have my personal life, I’ll never do such. I really hope they’ll be able to stand the consequence of such show-offs? It’s funny really.

Is it true that celebrities don’t repeat and shouldn’t repeat clothes?

Hmm, ok. See this my top, heh?(Jerking up her blouse). It’s my Christmas party dress. I wore it again like three weeks ago and now I’m wearing it again today to sign a contract. Why? Simply because I like it! I will repeat clothes if need be. I can understand the need to want to change some couture dresses being worn on a red carpet but for my regular dresses, I’d wear them over and over again if need be. Even for some clothes I’ve worn on the red carpet or say some red carpet outfits, I’ll repeat; especially for the not so major red carpet, I’ll repeat. Yea!

Why do celebrities, especially the female ones always like to marry or date either celebrities like themselves, or rich influential individuals when there are a lot of average guys who would be committed to them instead of their colleagues dumping them like trash most of the time?

Well, for me I don’t think Nigerian celebrities actually date or marry their colleagues that much. What I feel happens most of the time is that they go for non-celebrities and actually popularise them. Some of the stories about this celebrity dating that celebrity are actually false. I can’t think of too many entertainers in relationships with their colleagues, seriously. You know what, maybe if we entertainers date and marry amongst ourselves more, we won’t have this issues of divorce here and there because we’ll understand ourselves better.