Rita Dominic Furiously Blasts Fan For Being Totally Negative Over The Viral Missing Children


There was a viral news about a Lagos mother searching for her missing kids who had been kept in the care of a newly employed housemaid. Many celebrities took to their social media handles to help in the search for the kids. Award winning actress and Producer also contributed to the search on Instagram and a fan of hers named Nduka instead of shutting his mouth, decided to post annoying piece on her page which got the quite Actress langry and she gave him a very blunt reply… check out their conversation below

Nduka wrote,

“Has any of you tried to call the numbers on the post? No, I am sure not. None of the ‘parents’ numbers are connecting. Aren’t they (supposed) to be on the look out for useful information concerning their kids? How do you contact them if found? Stop disturbing us with post just because social media is free.”

Rita Dominic replied Nduka thus

“You are a very sick and stupid individual! Of course, I do not expect you to show some empathy here because you do not look like you were birthed right therefore not a human being! My mouth is not very good hence why I am quiet in nature. Lost someone dear to me this morning and in a terrible mood, so please do not push me.”

Nduka Is pictured below



And to add up, who says social media is free? It’s proper that people should watch what they say most times on the free social Media according to Nduka Lols