Riot As Reckless Bullion Van Driver Murders An Okada Driver


The largest Business District of Abeokuta,Oke Ilewo was greeted with pandemonium as angry motorcyclists took to the street to protest the gruesome murder of one of their own by a reckless bullion van driver.
The innocent motorcyclist was riding back home after leaving one of the phone stores of the district before he met his untimely death after been involved in a fatal auto accident where a bullion van convoy hit and killed the young man and drove off.
Angry motorcyclists took to the streets to protest the gruesome murder of their own by blocking this major business district.
However, police in a bid to disperse the crowd shot sporadically at the crowd, injuring many innocent passerbys and users of the road.

Note: the policemen were shooting both live rounds and tear gas.

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