Rihanna Slams Claims She Was Snorting Cocaine (PHOTOS)


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Rihanna has slammed allegations she was snorting cocaine in a video uploaded and later deleted on instagram.
The clip, posted on Instagram show her sitting at a table with what looks like a slim white tube in her hands as her pals dance around her.After the camera cuts to her friends, it then pans back to Rihanna holding her nose for several seconds.

After allegations of cocaine erupted,an instagram user posted the video,calling her the next Whitney Houston,she then fired off  in the comment section writing

 ‘Nigga your lame ass got some f**king nerve!!! Any fool could see that’s a joint that I’m basing with cigarette! Who tF snorts tobacco??!! FOH witcho “never been to a rodeo so someone squeezing their nose means they’re doing coke” lookin ass!! 

When a fan doubted she really replied,Rihanna confirmed she did reply..