Revealed: How PDP spent the 7billion Naira Generated From Sales of Forms


9Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has finally revealed how its members shared over N7 billion that was generated from the sale of forms for its various office seekers.

According to NATIONAL MIRROR ONLINE, the party’s National Publicity Secretary of the party, Chief Olisa Metuh, said:

“I can tell you from my own records that we generated billions. I think we generated more than N7bn, N8bn or N9bn.

We generated a lot of money. “The first initial donation we made was half a billion to the presidential campaign funds even though we were not involved in raising funds for the presidential campaign.

They generated campaign funds up to N21bn. The party was not involved in it and the party cannot account for it because we were not involved with that money. It was a Jerry Gana Committee and they handled it and nobody can question us for that.

“There is no gubernatorial candidate that received less than N100m from the working committee. And the House of Assembly candidates across the country got money from us. It depends on the state.

“These monies were given to some ministers and some people to distribute to the states. In some states it was the campaign coordinators that we gave money; in some states, we gave to the governors or directly to the candidates of the party.

”Those of us in the North where the type of campaign that we generated made it impossible for our leaders in the area to garner support for our candidate because of the hate campaign that was generated, we are not answerable for it.

While I am not holding any excuse for them, we cannot be held accountable for issues that were generated that worked against our candidate in the North.

This is clear; all Nigerians knew what happened.” Metuh said that the leadership of the party has been transparent in all its dealings since assuming office.

He said: “For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to state categorically that this national leadership has remained very transparent in all its dealing since coming into office.

No NWC member has been involved in any sleaze or embezzlement of party funds. Also, no member of the NWC has ever been accused of embezzlement of funds in any ministry, department or agencies of government at any level whatsoever.

“We state clearly that we have not been given any money; rather the NWC generated billions of naira from the sale of forms from where we funded our candidates for governorship and state assembly elections in all the states of the federation in addition to funds released to key leaders, including the NWC and BoT members to prosecute the campaigns in their various areas.

Source: 36NG