Real Story Behind The Murder Of Aisha Mustapha The Silverbird TV Staff


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That Aisha Mustapha was killed by a married man she was dating or her boyfriend are false.

Stella Dimoko finally tells the story:

“The story on how she got murdered just to clear the air on the misconception about how she dated or was killed by a married man or boyfriend is false. It’s her neighbour’s brother, a 22 years old dude, he stays with his brother’s family.

Aisha stayed in the BQ… Dude was toasting Aisha who was 29 and she refused point blank.. She even reported to the dudes brother, that one talked and talked to his brother but the guy was obsessed over Aisha and They sent him packing from their house… Saturday he came to wait for her,and as she parked he followed her into the compound and attacked her, stabbed her 15 times, dragged her outside, put her in the gutter, the noise from the generator drowned all the noise.

Another neighbour came out to empty his trash and saw the boy putting her in the gutter, he went to meet the boy, held him and raised alarm.

He is currently in Police custody. Aisha was just asking him ”why have you killed me, why have you killed me”