Read What These Americans Think About Adams Oshiomhole’s Marriage


First and foremost, it is a very big deal that Edo state Governor Adams Oshiomhole & his new wife made it to the Shaderoom, cos that’s practically the biggest US gossip site on Instagram. lol. So ‘big congrats’ to the new couple.

Now, the second part – just read these comments I just compiled. They happened after the website posted about the wedding, along with the fact that there is a 31 year old age difference between the new couple. And that Gov Oshiomhole remarried just 5 years after his first wife’s death and after declaring in 2013 that he will not re-marry.

Lots of them believe Lara is a gold digger. Some even compared their relationship to Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s. Then the most interesting part – one of the reader dropped comments that Gov Adams’ wife is definitely a gold digger and that Gov. Adams’ son, Cyril, told her everything about the new wife. Comments continue after the cut.

Source: Lailas Blog