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A new administration took over the reins of Nigeria on Friday, May 29, 2015 with citizens nursing high hopes that the country is back sure to get back on the right track soon. Given the pedigree of the new leader, Muhammadu Buhari, an anti-corruption crusader of some sort, Nigerians are hopeful that the nation is on the road to quick recovery.

Showbiz stars are not left out in expressing this new confidence of that Nigeria will once more play a leading role on the continent. Having participated actively in the electioneering process, taken part in campaigns and even voting all in a bid to make their voices heard, their expectations cannot be said to be misplaced.

Few weeks back, some of them spoke in an exclusive interview on their expectations from the new administration.

They include Kunle Afolayan, Saeon, Ruggedman and Owen Gee. We present you their thoughts below…

I expect a workable government – Jahbless

‘Congratulations to General Buhari. I expect a workable government with him in charge, especially with the goodwill he enjoys across the country. But if after 4 years you disappoint Nigerians, we shall all rally and vote you out the same way we voted you in. Thank you.’

It’s beginning of War Against Corruption – Saeon

‘I believe this will be the true beginning of War Against Corruption. It’s already looking like a total victory for Nigeria. I see Nigerians ready to work with the government and vice versa. This government is of and by the people. I see it is ready to be for the people.’

I pray he performs better – Ruggedman

‘His victory is good for him; I now wait for his actions to see if it will make his victory also good for us the citizens of Nigeria. Instead of expecting, I pray he does better than the presidents before him by making life less difficult for us. We need one major thing, and that’s constant electricity. Other countries have it, meaning it is achievable in our great country, Nigeria, God bless the President, God bless Nigeria.’

I expect people with proven track records in government – Owen Gee

‘Bros, na light o, we don too suffer this light matter, electricity is a major problem in this country. There’s also the issue of insecurity, our safety as citizens hasn’t been guaranteed in a while and finally, accountability in leadership. People who deserve to be in the right positions should be there, people with proven track records and ability to perform.’

Nigeria is beyond entertainment industry – Kunle Afolayan

‘For me, everybody is entitled to what they believe but what I wanted all along is good governance. The truth is we were not getting it from the last administration. We have engaged the figures of the opposition, especially the Vice-President and of course, I am aware of the pedigree of Buhari as a former Head of State.’ ‘I shot something for Osinbajo that ought to have featured Buhari but I didn’t do that because of work but because I believe in what they represent.’ ‘Goodluck’s administration supported my industry the way no Federal Government has done before but Nigeria is beyond the industry. I think if the country is in good shape it will rub off on everyone and all sectors, including my industry. That is my reason for supporting the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket and I expect that from them.’

No politician is worth our blood – Toyin Aimakhu

‘I know quite a number of you have been waiting for this, so here it is. To start with, I love you all and if you insult me I will jegalise you.., a lot of you have been Arsenal fans for a very long time and even without many victories, you still support them, so I urge you all to view this as one of those matches, people lose, they get hurt and eventually get over it and move on… I congratulate APC and I believe in one Nigeria… despite your abuses and insults (orubebeism) pls, stay out of trouble and violence; no politician is worth our blood… love you all.’

Restoration of our pride and dignity paramount – Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Re-echoing the words of former Ghanaian President, Jerry Rawlings, Omotola said: ‘Nigerians did not vote for just anyone. They voted for a man whose integrity is extremely high. Nigeria is tired of corruption and the choice of this leader is a clear indication of where she wants to go. I hope General Buhari will put together a team whose understanding of the power of the people recognizes and respects the will of the people. ‘General Buhari owes it to his people and to Black Africans, the restoration of our pride and the black man’s dignity.’

Nigeria should remain in peace and harmony – Ini Edo

Congratulations General Muhammadu Buhari, President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I also congratulate Nigeria on the peace shown during the elections. I had supported Jonathan, but your voices have been heard and your votes counted. Nigeria is about to embark on a new journey and my prayer is for Nigeria to continue to stand as one nation in peace and harmony. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He should enforce penalties – Wunmi Obe

No point just making laws and passing bills on subjects, he should ENFORCE penalties for copyright infringements.

Buhari should stop piracy – Buzman da Rapaholic

He should stop piracy and invest more in entertainment.

He should set up Endowment Fund – Segunfunmi Adewale

He should set up Endowment Fund for Creative Entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Reduce piracy – Ojini Gabriel

His administration should try and reduce piracy, if possible stop it.

Protect intellectual properties -Emmanuel Ilemobayo

The president should to stop piracy, give more enabling structure and accessible funds to the creative, entertainment industries. Also wants him to protect intellectual properties and give attention to the filmmakers, the actors and build more entrepreneurs.

…See piracy as stealing – Deji Ajose-Ojikutu

The government should see piracy not only stealing from artists but also stealing from them and wage war against it. He should equally put distribution structures in place.

Institutionalise copyright protection – Andre Blaze

Buhari must institute legally binding copyright protection for intellectual property and the legal framework to institutionalise the creative and entertainment industries.

Invest in broadband tech – Seyi Taylor

He should strengthen copyright protection. Simply taxation, legal frameworks that can help attract investment; invest in broadband tech and/or reduction/removal/moratorium of right of way taxes.

Source: The Net