Read What Jega Has To Say About Card Reader Failure At GEJ’s Polling Unit


Professor Attahiru Jega, the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, has said that the continual failure of the card reader to read President Goodluck Jonathan’s PVC at his polling centre in Otuoke, Bayelsa earlier today was a national embarrassment. 

Jega was speaking with the journalists of He said this in an interview on Nigerian Television Authority this night.

INEC boss said that he thanked God for peace election.

The turn out has been quite large and voters have been patient in exercising their franchise,” Jega added.

As to the incident with President Jonathan biometrics Jega said that it was national embarrassment and very regretful.

Read more of his words below:

Three voter card readers were not able to read the president’s biometrics and accredit him for voting at the Otazi playground polling unit in his home town, Otueke, Bayelsa state.

Later the head of the country was manually accredited.

Meanwhile, Jonathan’s key opponent General Muhammadu Buhari was successfully accredited in the presence of his wife, Aisha in his hometown in the Daura area of Katsina.