Radio Biafra Hits Airwaves In Niger-Delta – Read More


A strange radio station operating from an unknown location has hit the airwaves in Rivers State with the name ‘Radio Biafra’, on 87.9/88.0Fm Channel and on 97.6Fm on other Biafra provinces

Director, Radio Biafra

The location of the radio station as well as its mode of operation is yet to be ascertained.

The Radio Biafra has only one familiar voice, who calls himself ‘Director’. The Director who has the name Nnamdi Kalu, who hails from Ibeku in Umuahia, Aba province of Biafraland. He frequently refers to the listeners as the Indigenous People of Biafra.

The Director, in one of his broadcasts, took a swipe at both the incumbent President and the President-elect for their recent activities.
He consistently makes comments pitching the North and the West against the Niger-Delta, stressing people of the Niger-Delta were being “enslaved in Nigeria” which he refers to as a “zoo”.
The Director, who never fails to mention about the wickedness of black people from africa, stating that their hearts and souls are wicked and full of bad things, he cites examples of what happens in black african countries, historically to always buttress his point. In the same vein, his broadcasts are mostly anti-western.

Taking a cue from the recent comments credited to the Oba of Lagos, HRM Rilwan Akinolu on the Igbo community in Lagos in the run-off to the Governorship election, the anonymous voice on Radio Biafra said words like ‘non-indigene’ should not be used in a country that claims it is united.

“See ordinary Oba Akinolu calling you people non-indigene in your own country. If you are travelling from Lagos through the Lagos-Ibadan express way, you will see black pipelines. They are all oil pipelines. The oil is coming from Biafra land to Yoruba land, yet they call you non-indigenes.

“When it comes to the issue of oil, we are one Nigeria but when it is time for the igbos to vote and look after their families, they turn to non-indigenes”.

The voice further said, “You are leaving a solid economy behind when you have the lives of the people miserable. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has been lying to the people of Biafra because of President Goodluck Jonathan. How can a woman who claims she was at the world bank be lying? Please show me the part of the economy that has solid backing.

“Let Jonathan tell you which part of the economy he has solidified. He knows you are all gullible people.

“Surpring enough, the Director calls Jonathan Imbecilic and weak-hearted and always say he lacks the acumen to lead anyone.

“Jonathan has approved Enugu free trade zone on the pages of newspaper and you believe them. The same set of people told you the 2nd Niger bridge will be built but it was only on the Yoruba zoo newspapers”.

Source: Daily Post