“Producer of Fortunes still owes me nine months pay till date” – Ramsey Noah


Ramsey Nouah

Veteran Nollywood actor, Ramsey Noah has made a shocking revelation about the popular soap opera, Fortunes that brought him to limelight; he says the producer still owes him nine months pay till date.

Speaking in an interview with Nigeria Film, Ramsey, reminiscing about the days he was still chasing fame, disclosed that he only got paid for three months in his one year contract. The actor also gave a word of advice to upcoming actors, urging them to live responsibly in order for them to be marketable.

According to Ramsey: ‘Back then, when I was in Fortunes, I was paid just N80 per episode and they paid only for three months. The remaining nine months of the money, I haven’t seen till this day. So, for one year of my life of Fortunes, I made only N240.’

Fortunes is a popular Nigerian soap opera which aired in 1993. It ran for about two years on the Nigerian Television Authority network.

Source: The Net