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Police in Ogun State have uncovered a suspected ritualists’ den located in Unity and Peace Estate along Itele-Lafenwa Road in Ota, Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area of the state.


The police stormed the suspected ritualists’ den on Wednesday following the miraculous escape of a 28-year-old lady (names withheld), who was being held with her hands and feet bound and kept in an uncompleted building in the estate.

The young woman, who was blindfolded and cloth stuffed in her mouth was said to have told the police that her captors, who kept her in the building had planned to come for her later in the night.

She reportedly struggled to free herself and crawled towards the entrance to the building, where passers-by saw her and rescued her.

The woman, who sustained injuries on her head, was said to have refused to disclose her identity before policemen from Itele police station stormed the scene and cordoned off the area.

While combing the area, the police were said to have discovered decomposing bodies of two female victims in the nearby bush within the vicinity of the uncompleted building.

Bones of other victims were also said to have littered the bush.

Explaining her ordeal, the lucky woman said she met one of her captors, who had introduced himself as a businessman, two weeks ago, and they began a romantic relationship, adding that about two days ago, the man called and informed her that he had secured a contract worth N1.5 million for her at a site in the estate for the supply of bags of cement.

She stated that on her arrival, other members of the syndicate, who had hid themselves in the bush, joined her ‘boyfriend’ and they molested her.

“The man called me two days ago and told me about a contract worth about N1.5 million, but I could not go and meet him because I was sick.

The man later came to my residence in Lagos and still persuaded me to come for the contract deal.

“But on getting to the Unity and Peace Estate, we headed for an uncompleted building, one other person joined us.

But I was surprised when we got to the building, I smelt a rat, because the building was already plastered and the floor had been cemented too.

“But before I knew what hit me, both of them pounced on me, beat me up and attempted To Molest me.

But I was having my monthly flow that was what dissuaded them. They then tied both my hands and legs, covered my face and mouth with cloth.

They promised to come back at night to complete their assignment. It was a miracle that passers-by rescued me.”

Source: SunNews

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