Police Arrest John Fashanu Over Illegal Weapon Possession – Read More



The Nigerian police on Saturday raided the home of former Wimbledon and England striker, John Fashanu where an illegal gun was found along with 5 questionable international passports.

Fashanu was taken to the Police Station to answer questions and was interrogated for 6 hours, before he was finally released, after the police detained his 2014 edition black land cruiser jeep as surety.

Fashanu claims the the gun, believed to be capable of firing up to 30 rounds, was an old fashioned firearm and doesn’t know it’s model.

The former striker also accused his estranged wife, Abigail, mother of Adaeze Yobo of being behind the raid asking her to move on and disclosed the five passports belong to young footballers from his academy.

Source: Stargist