Photos: Woman in critical condition after horrific beating from her lover (Viewers discretion is advised)


This man you see here, is a horrible, horrible man. You won’t believe what he did to his woman. 18 year old Malawian woman, Linda Phulani is currently in a critical condition after her live-in-lover John Yasini beat her mercilessly over allegations of infidelity.According to Malawi Nation, Linda moved in with John in January this year without her parents consent. After she moved in, John banned her from going to visit her friends and family and became abusive. On the day of the brutal beating which was Thursday April 16th, Linda had gone out without his permission to a neighboring village to see some friends. He suspected that she had gone to see a man and when she came back home…you will not believe what this man did to this woman. The photos are horrific. *viewer discretion advised* Continue to read the rest of the story…

He beat her mercilessly with chains and rods, and dragged her through something hot, then left her for dead. He later had a change of heart and rushed her to a local hospital.

When interrogated, John said he had being hearing rumors of his wife cheating. He said her going out on the day of the incident without his consent  proved to him that she was indeed cheating on him. He blamed the devil for his action.
“I am a good person and have never committed any crime in my life. I did not intend to harm my wife. It is the work of the devil. I wish her well. Infact I was the one who took her to our Local hospital in our area.
He is currently in police custody and will soon be charged for domestic violence and “unlawful wounding”.