PHOTOS: This must be Wizkid’s favourite shoe at the moment



(Wizkid rocking the footwear in Houston. Photo: Instagram)

If you are a true fan of Wizkid, then you’ll remember the first day he showed off his newly acquired kicks on Instagram. That was precisely March 13, 2015, during one of his trips to London.

The Italian footwear is a lovely Yellow and Black Belenciaga Race Runners that costs $695 (N14k). Well, since Wizkid got the footwear over a month ago, he’s been spotted rocking the kick at least 3 times.

First was on March 17, when he rocked it with a military outfit in London, then on April 6, he was spotted with the same footwear in South Africa during his video shoot for ‘Expensive Shit’ directed by Sesan Ogunro and then just last night in Houston, he rocked it again.


The footwear

Wizkid rocking it in London

Wizkid rocking the shoe in South Africa

Source: The Net