Photos: See What Obanikoro Wore For An Official Meeting With UN Reps And President GEJ


The Senator should have known better. Senator Musiliu Obanikoro was “attractively looking odd” at an official meeting on Thursday between a joint delegation of UNOWA (United Nations for West Africa) -UNOCA (United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa) officials led by Mohammed Ibn Chambas and Abdoulaye Bathily and the Nigerian delegation led by the ever smiling president Jonathan, at the presidential villa.

While the notable men who knew they were coming for an official meeting with international colleagues were donned in glamourous attires and footwears, our very own Minister of State II, Foreign Affairs, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro wore a Birkenstock slippers to the OFFICIAL meeting. The Senator’s dressing may seem casual to some people but nothing is casual when it comes to matters of the presidency/Federal Government (even their salaries and allowances are not casual). Senator Obanikoro should have known what to put on for a high caliber meeting like that and not dress like someone going for his traditional wedding. All the same, the Senator is still my number one fan.


Earlier this month, A Utah man who wore a white polo shirt for a meeting with federal official was shocked to discover that his ‘informal meeting’ with the officials was actually with President Barack Obama. The man thought he was going to be led into an auditorium to talk about how to help veterans get more jobs in the field of solar energy. Instead, he saw a table filled with powerful functionaries such as President Obama, top senators and a mayor- all of whom were wearing suits and ties. He was the only odd one out like our own Senator which made him feel embarrassed and criticized by some.

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