Photos: SEE How PDP Rigged The Election In Rivers State Openly



This photo has a clear date, time and you can see the new colour coded INEC ballot papers on a open field.

According to the source, this is “open thumb printing inside police station in Gokana” in Rivers.

INEC said they had already received petition on the madness that took place in Rivers State in the name of election on Saturday and that there are many reports of “alleged malpractices”. So, watch out!

Rigging details against PDP have also emerged from Akwa Ibom State.

See Details Below:-


At a press conference on Sunday, Umana Okon Umana, the Akwa Ibom governorship candidate of the APC, showed thousands of ballot papers that voters actually cast for his party in Ibesikpo local government area, but which were isolated and thrown away by rogue INEC staff in collusion with officials of the PDP in the state.

The discarded ballots, which were just for the Ibesikpo local government area alone, offered an indication of the depth of electoral malpractice that characterized the polls in the state on Saturday.

Source: Naijaloaded